Join Us

Procedure to Join in Group 

               1)      Dedicated Member

               2)      Active Member

               3)      Well wisher

Member Fees ::-

Professional Rs.1000 Only Yearly
Student Rs. 350 Only Yearly
Well wisher Free Yearly

KPI (Key Performance Information) Report is made after every three months

Essential certificates ::-

  • Copy of last mark sheet.
  • Copy of leaving certificate.
  • Copy of driving license or election card or Pan card.
  • Two Passport size color  photos.

Advantages of  I.I.G

  • To establish a powerful network among the genius brain of various district ofIndia.
  • Money, power, success and contacts are developed in every fields
  • The group will provide help in any kind of personal or public disputes.
  • Separate development of a person’s character.
  • Advantage of different type of training and advanced technology is given.
  • High profile and high quality lifestyle.
  • Help in every social problems.
  • In future, the groups gives proper space for economical standard people and have proper business set up.


      This group does not believe in any kind of discrimination based on cast, creed, gender, language, religion etc. There is no age limit for joining this group.


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