“India is not a poor country

But…………………… “India is poorly managed country”

Political Issues:-

India is never a poor country & can be easily seen as we have lots of mineral resources, coastal area highly talented & qualified youth but lacking a proper leader & particular in direction in which forces should be apply & lack of enthusiasm of public in the field o0f politics an all this thing are responsible for quoting the above  facts.

To avoid & overcome these consequences the youth of India itself we have to think, come forward & to get themselves rise up above  all these & work in proper direction with accurate planned strategies will help us to build the “India of our dreams”

  • Indian intelligence group will become representative of people for balanced growth of nation in each field so that fruits of development & to economic growth reach to every person equally including layman.
  • Highly educated, thoughtful, dynamic & young person dedicated to nation becomes representative of India and lead India in 21st century.
  • Parliamentary type of democracy sometimes seems as a hurdle in growth & development of India, so to replace it by presidential type democracy or other suitable system have we have to change our constitution.
  • A negative nexus between politician, beurocrates, criminals & religious leaders is very dangerous to a nation.”I.I.G.” will try its best to break up this nexus.
  • Only educated & honest person must be given ticket by political parties in election. 
  • A new offensive policy will power & total changes are needed regarding internal security, law system & work systems.

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