To organize the seminars with eminent speakers conducting it at various level which will lead to rise & development of youngsters of India & will lead to the all round development of India.

                1.    Youth Awareness Program:

                       To develop the divine & eternal powers of youngsters & to provide their leadership quality        through various seminars & activities.

               2.    Self Defense Program

                     To provide basic military martial arts training that will be helpful to young generation in any worse situation that can come for protecting India & themselves.

             3.    Knowledge Bank:

                    To provide all the basic knowledge & information on various subjects by creating knowledge banks.

             4.    Youth Leadership Program

              5.    IT & Technology programs

              6.    Media Communication Program(media management)

              7.    Tracking & rock climbing program

              8.    Wildlife program

              9.    Unarmed combat techniques

Other activities

          To organize & to participate in various cultural programs & religious festivals