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Posted: January 20, 2010 in Mission
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Watch your thoughts;  they become words.
Watch your words;  they become actions.
Watch your actions;  they become habits.
Watch your habits;  they become character;
Watch your character;  it becomes your destiny.


It’s very well said that,

                         “The silence of good people hampers the country more than the act of bad ones”

                          Taking look at the present situation of India one can very well depict that success & development is enjoyed only by rich class & rest of 70% population is struggling hard for their incomplete dreams to get into reality.

                         Due to the passive nature & inactive approach of so called wise an talented people of India the problems are mounting up & on other hand the antisocial element, corrupt politician are driving tremendous benefit of ‘THIS’ passive nature of so called Indian citizens & using the system according to their will & wish. It’s pathetic but fact.

                        Taking a deeper look at above situation in different field it clearly reveals what gift we are                                 having for present & future generations.

  • Involvement of politics in criminal activities
  • Corruption.
  • Lack of trustworthy & reliable political leaders
  • Negative attitude of politician, industrialists, religious personalities etc.
  • United government, M.L.A’s open auction & bids
  • Frequent attacks of terrorists in various regions of India like Akshardham Temple, Parliament house, Hotels, Railway stations etc.

This all leads to a threat, & insecurity state of India.

Due to above all serious consequences of passive approach of Indian citizens, the talented, thinkable, aware youth of India is feeling the need of nationalized union is there.

On the observing the demand of present time, the young, talented & thoughtful people has got united & had established the united association named.


 With the aim of guiding & directing the direction less, thoughtless youth of India and for their upliftment & for welfare of society and nation we had gathered together under the flag of “I.I.G.”

To overcome the present confusing & contradictory problems & to have particular and fruitful programs we are moving ahead for it in definite direction.  And we the members of “I.I.G.” are whole heartedly dedicated to this task.

For the development & growth of “I.I.G.”

     “We have complete set of all new & result oriented policies”.

Though the “I.I.G” being completely non political & purely social institution, it is being administrated & taken forward by young people with tremendous energy and deep & far vision & thus it’s almost like any multinational company.

The organizations is being bestowed upon by most talented & skillful personalities from various fields & are working round the clock on their toes to take nation to the greatest heights ever achieved in the history of India. 

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.
Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

You Can also Call us @ +91 989 899 0425 to become the Part of Growing youth group to fulfill your Dreams & contribute to Growth of India…Chak De INDIA!!!!


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